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Diploma in Digital Creative Media (Digital Story Telling Diploma Course)
Creative Arts & Multimedia
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Creative Arts & Multimedia

Diploma in Digital Creative Media (Digital Story Telling Diploma Course)

Diploma in Digital Media is for learners who want to explore a range of processes and techniques in digital creative media.  It provides an opportunity for those who have an interest in media to explore, develop and test their creativity within a qualification structure which is stimulating and demanding and provides a supportive transition from general to more specialized study. The course content includes a list of skills, knowledge and understanding common to all areas of study as well as skills, techniques, knowledge and understanding specific to individual areas of study. Throughout the course, the emphasis will be on a personal response and the creative journey the learner takes to fulfil a design brief.

This course has been designed to provide young Somali students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to develop their careers as creative professionals. This qualification will provide them with an opportunity to cultivate their employability by developing their creative enterprise skills, expanding their industry contact base while developing their start-up projects and professional practice.

Purpose of the course / What you’ll learn/Learning Objectives

This course is a superb platform for the learners to start a fulfilling journey into Digital Creative Media where they will learn how to edit and present digital recordings and link them to real life projects. Students will be encouraged to display their work and compete among themselves. The course will improve the chances of learners’ progression into employment in the media industry. It will also equip them with skills for self-employment which will promote self-reliance.

This course is a full-time study program and has been formulated by industry experts to prepare the learners for the future. This means in addition to studying the course, learners will also work on important skills to equip them for their future careers.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of this course are to enable students to:

·      Develop awareness of the world of digital media and design and understand influencing factors and contexts

·      Develop and demonstrate enterprise and entrepreneurial skills necessary to the creative industries

·      Build up their professional practice and independently initiate their creative projects

·      Develop creative processes and understand that design is an iterative process

·      Research and evaluate information relevant to their studies

·      Reflect requirements and feedback from specific audiences and clients in developing their work

·      Use digital media creatively as a way of expressing meaning

·      Use knowledge, understanding and creativity to innovate using appropriate software, equipment, technology and practices

·      Develop and define their artistic ambitions and creative ideas

·      Prepare for working in a collaborative industry.



·      Somali youth aged 16 to 35

·      At least Secondary school graduate

·      Fluent in English (Somali language is a bonus BUT not Compulsory)

·      Application form

·      Personal statement

·      Official Transcript (Copy of Secondary School Certificate)

·      Resume (CV)

·      One minute video clip about you and why you are applying this scholarship

·      Recommendation letter


Course Content/Module /Syllabus

The world of media is fast paced, exciting and continually evolving. This course will help learners take their essential steps towards a career in the digital media industry. They will gain a broad knowledge of the industry and will develop essential skills that could lead to employment in a wide range of job roles across the creative digital media sectors.

Study Program

The study program will include:

·      Core studies in Digital creative media (Lecture method)

·      IT sessions (Digital Skills),

·      Apprenticeship (Industry Placement)

·      Personal development sessions (Tutorials) and

·      Independent study sessions (Directed Study)


What does Digital Story Telling Diploma Course Entails?

·      TV and Radio presenter

·      V-logger, Blogger, and Content creation and use of social media

·      Photography

·      Filming and editing

·      Graphic design

·      Lighting for moving image

·      Website development and production (Optional)

·      Al Strategies for Multimodal Storytelling

·      Art (Drawings and Paintings)


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course students will be able to:

·      Demonstrate effective communication strategies graphically

·      Demonstrate knowledge of the principles, tools and processes related to visual and interactive media

·      Demonstrate they think critically to solve technical and aesthetic challenges, in their work and the work of others

·      Demonstrate effective communication strategies in written digital media (HTML)

·      Show they work effectively in a team

·      Identify and apply strategies to improve and succeed no matter what their initial skills are

·      Build a strong foundation in all aspects of design and production for storytelling in motion

·      Use inspiration in fields outside of digital media such as poetry, science, music, astronomy, history, dance, and more

·      Develop a professional commitment to their field, their work, and themselves; preparing them to be members and leaders in their profession, as well as learning how to act both as individuals and as team members to support the whole

·      Demonstrate an attitude of openness so that they seek new and unusual opportunities to learn and create

·      Express ideas in a coherent, logical and compelling way in writing and the spoken word